Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Review

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed ReviewSet between Episodes III and IV, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed tells a fantastic tale for fans of the series. The art, dialogue and acting are all top-notch, but because of some glaring technical issues the game itself feels unfinished.

The story begins with Darth Vader tracking down one of the last remaining Jedi Knights on the Wookie planet of Kashyyyk. While on this world Lord Vader comes across the young son of a rogue Jedi Knight and claims him as his own apprentice, whom he dubs Starkiller. Years later, he assigns Starkiller to track down and destroy the remaining Jedi with the help of pilot Juno Valentine and a training and communications droid named PROXY. Read More…

Braid Review

Braid ReviewJonathan Blow and his small team at Number None, Inc. took the award for innovation in game design at the 2006 Independent Games Festival. After spending several hours with Braid I can understand why. The title is a puzzle-platformer without peer; a beautiful game on many levels and one that will be remembered for its ability to provoke thought and emotion as much as for the gameplay, art, storytelling and music.

Braid spins the tale of Tim, a humble man that leaves his home in the city on a journey to find his Princess. She has been captured by an evil monster and Tim is to blame. He made mistakes in their past relationship and forced the Princess to run away. This brief synopsis is as far into Braid’s story as I will go, for Tim’s journey is a unique one open to interpretation and one that should be experienced first hand. Read More...