Final Fight: Double Impact Review

Final Fight: Double Impact LogoSomewhat of a misnomer, this two-game mini compilation contains the original arcade version of Final Fight as well as the completely unrelated action-adventure game Magic Sword. Final Fight: Double Impact features excellent emulation, multiple display options, remixed music and drop-in/drop-out co-op that simulates playing in a real arcade.

In Final Fight, you can play as three characters who must rescue the kidnapped Jessica from the Mad Gear Gang; a group determined to destroy Metro City. Each character in this seminal side-scrolling beat 'em up has their own unique play style. Read More…

Yar's Revenge Quick Review

Yars' Revenge Game Room LogoThe best selling game for the Atari 2600 sees you piloting a bug-like vessel in attempt to break through a shield and destroy an enemy called the Qotile. Yar's Revenge is a truly unique single-screen shooter that utilizes several gameplay mechanics.

You can destroy the shield of the Qotile by shooting it, or by having the Yar eat it for extra points. Eating the shield will activate the powerful Zorlon Cannon needed to destroy the Qotile. You can also activate the Zorlon Cannon by running over the Qotile itself, though you must be careful not to touch it while it is spinning. Read More…

Tempest Quick Review

Tempest Game Room LogoThis wildly popular tunnel shooter is just not the same without a rotary paddle controller. Tempest also suffers from graphics that can be hard to see, though it can still provide a visceral thrill and classic arcade experience like no other. 

You pilot a claw-shaped craft that rides around the edges of 16 different stages and fires at five types of enemies that make their way from the centre of the screen. You are armed with a rapid-fire laser and a screen clearing Superzapper that can be used once per level. Using the Superzapper a second time in a level will destroy a random enemy. Read More…

Shao-lin’s Road Quick Review

Shao-lin's Road Game Room LogoShao-lin’s Road is a great-looking and sounding platforming beat 'em up that is considered the sequel to Yie Ar Kung Fu. Players will jump and kick their way to glory in five unique levels, each consisting of two stages.

In the first, you will face a set number of enemies and in the second stage you will be confronted by even more enemies and a tougher boss character to contend with.

Each level has a number of platforms to do battle on, which are accessed by pressing up and down on the control stick or d-pad. Read More...