Shatter Review

Shatter LogoShatter is quite possibly the best Breakout clone to come along since the original Arkanoid was released in 1982. This PlayStation Network exclusive features a unique spin on the classic brick-breaking mechanic and is punctuated by a sleek look, fun boss fights and one of the best original video game soundtracks in recent memory.

There are several unique mechanics at play in Shatter, but the most pronounced is the ability to make your paddle suck and blow the air around it, allowing you to manipulate the path of your projectile. This ability all but removes the annoying  brick-breaking game situation of spending several minutes trying to hit one last piece on the playfield. Read More…

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil Review

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil LogoBased on WizKids’ table-top strategy game comes Rocketmen: Axis of Evil. This downloadable title is a top-down action RPG in the vein of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance or the classic Gauntlet. Players can blast their way through ten levels solo or with up to three friends locally or online.

After creating a character from one of eight gender, class and race types you’ll join the Alliance of Free Planets made up of Earth’s rebel forces led by Rocketmen Alex and Nick, the Venusians and the Mercurians. Together they will try to take down the threat of the evil Legion of Terra and their hordes of Martian warriors. Read More…

1942: Joint Strike Review

1942: Joint Strike Logo1942: Joint Strike is more of a sequel to than a remake of the seminal 1984 vertical scrolling shoot ‘em up. It retains the original title’s feel and alternate history WWII setting while incorporating features found in later games in the 194X series like a life bar, two player co-op play and the scoring and ranking system.

Developer Backbone Entertainment (Commando 3, Bomberman Live) has delivered a competent game that hardcore, old-school shooter fans will likely enjoy. Players brought up on newer games like Ikaruga or the recent spate of dual stick shooters like Super Stardust HD and Geometry Wars may be put off by some of the design choices made, putting Joint Strike squarely into “love it or hate it” territory. Read More...