Guitar Hero: On Tour Review

Guitar Hero: On Tour LogoRecently released for the Nintendo DS, the major music-simulation franchise Guitar Hero is now hitting the handheld circuit with Guitar Hero: On Tour. It was developed by the makers of the Spider-Man and Tony Hawk series for the DS, Vicarious Visions.

The game manages to successfully translate the genre to the handheld, with its innovative Guitar Grip attachment. However, some presentation issues and general hardware discomfort leave room for improvement.

Guitar Hero: On Tour plays with the DS held on its side, like a book. The touch screen displays your guitar, on which you strum by running your pick stylus (included) across the screen. On the regular screen appear the note chart and the band in action. Read More...

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King Review

My Life as a King LogoSpin-off games tend not to be very good. As a spin-off of a spin-off, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (MLaaK from this point on) should by all logic be a completely terrible waste of time and money. Somehow though, the development team at Square Enix made it work and delivered a satisfying, charming and completely addictive city building simulation game based on one of gaming’s most beloved and successful franchises.

The basic premise behind MLaaK is that a young king’s homeland has been destroyed by an evil power. The King and his two aides Chime and Hugh Yurg come across a town they call “The Promised Land” after years of travel and find a sentient and powerful crystal when they get there. The crystal empowers the king with “Architek” and tasks him with rebuilding the town using the mysterious skill. Read More...

Crosswords DS Review

Crosswords DS LogoWhen I first heard about Nintendo’s Crosswords DS, I was looking forward to give it a try. I thought a game such as this one might help me and others beginners get a better hang of it, while providing some solid amusement.

The game breaks down into three sections: crosswords, word searches and anagrams. With over 1500 puzzles it claims to be perfect for everyone regardless of age or experience. However, what I discovered was an oversimplified word game, which will leave avid crossword enthusiasts hungry for a greater challenge. Read More...

Celebrity Sports Showdown Review

Celebrity Sports Showdown LogoIts production values are well above average, but Celebrity Sports Showdown from EA Sports Freestyle does little else to distinguish itself on a system already teeming with party games.

Celebrity Sports Showdown is not a standard mini-game collection. It is a package of 12 events based on outdoor sporting activities like beach volleyball, rock climbing, horse racing and archery.  Players can choose to play the events as one of 10 real life celebrities or 15 “wannabe” characters in Free Play or Tournament modes. Read More...