Rubik’s World Review

Rubik's World LogoThe Game Factory has released Rubik’s World, a puzzle game for the DS inspired by the famous Rubik’s Cube. Developed by Two Tribes (Toki Tori), the game plays and feels more like a toy than anything else. The basis of the game is that cubies, a personification of the smaller cubes that make up the Rubik’s Cube, are shy creatures with which you must play in order to teach them about the world.

Offering both single player and multiplayer options through DS download play, the game gives players eight different modes from which to choose.

In Calculate players must create images by solving simple math equations. Each problem contains two equations for which players have 15 seconds to solve. These equations represent coordinates on a grid. To enter your answer, touch the right point on the grid with your stylus. As you progressively enter your answers, you will be drawing shapes on the grid with cubies, which create a picture when solved properly. Read More…

Pop Review

Pop LogoThe concept of Nnooo’s Pop for WiiWare is about as simple as it gets in a video game these days. Bubbles of various sizes float will across the screen and you use your Wii Remote to try and pop them. Somehow though, the extremely simple concept manages to make for a fun, challenging and surprisingly deep experience thanks to a few key features.

The biggest feature that has kept me playing is the inclusion of online leaderboards that utilize the WiiConnect24 service. Also included are local multiplayer options and an at achievement system similar to an Xbox 360 title. In fact, after just a few minutes with Pop I thought it was the most Xbox LIVE Arcade type experience I’ve had away from the Microsoft console. Read More...

Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir Review

Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir ReviewThe latest title in Big Fish Games’ Mystery Case Files seek-and-solve series, MillionHeir for the Nintendo DS takes you on an absurd yet comical adventure.  Being the first game I played in the series I thought I was going to find an involved mystery-solving game, something like Phoenix Wright. Instead, I found a graphically appealing game with very little substance.

The plot takes you through the mysterious disappearance of Phil T. Rich, an eccentric millionaire. You are responsible for solving the case and to uncover the rightful heir to his fortune. Through a series of clue-hunting and puzzle-solving sequences you must determine who may have a motive to eliminate Phil, from a group of twelve of his acquaintances. Read More...

My Word Coach Review

My Word Coach LogoDeveloped at Ubisoft’s renowned Montreal Studio, My Word Coach on Wii is a casual title meant to improve your vocabulary. It follows in the footsteps of games like Brain Age and is essentially a collection of mini-games presented under the guise of a training program. While the mini-games themselves are a little simplistic, the words presented are in fact quite advanced and certainly challenging. Until you've seen them all at least.

Playing My Word Coach is supposed to increase your “expression potential”, or your ability to express yourself in writing and orally. After an initial 40 word assessment asking you whether or not you a familiar with each term, you will receive a rank out of 100. We started in the mid 50s. Read More...