National Geographic: Panda Review

National Geographic: Panda LogoSince the introduction of Nintendogs, pet simulation games have become a dime a dozen on the Nintendo DS. Namco Bandai takes the idea one step further with National Geographic: Panda. While the main goal of the game has players taking care of pet pandas and watching them grow and learn, the National Geographic branding adds a layer of depth which generally lacks from the genre.

What differentiates this title from others like it is the educational content it offers players. Gradually revealed through play are over 20 National Geographic articles on pandas which teach players about things like the history of the study of pandas and their natural habitats. Read More...

Wario Land Shake It! Review

Wario Land: Shake It! ReviewFans of Nintendo’s Wario Land series will feel right at home with Shake It!. This 2D platformer provides a top-notch visual presentation and plenty of replay value, though the formula and level design start to wear thin towards the end of the game.  

The story of Wario Land: Shake It! Sees the titular anti-hero obtain a magic globe and telescope that let him travel to the once peaceful Shake Dimension.  Once there, Wario sets out to rescue the citizens known as Merfles and their young Queen Mirelda from the clutches of the evil Shake King.

Aided by his long-time rival Captain Syrup, Wario will have to traverse five continents to rescue the queen and most importantly, the mythical Bottomless Coin Sack that contains a never ending supply of gold. The story is light and a bit nonsensical. In other words, it’s perfect for a game starring Wario. Read More...

Travel Games For Dummies Review

Travel Games For DummiesPublished by EA, Travel Games is the first title to be released in the series of For Dummies games announced earlier this year. Travel Games For Dummies offers Sudoku, Solitaire and crosswords for beginners and advanced players alike. With a sleek presentation and straightforward gameplay, this DS title delivers hours of solid entertainment.

The Sudoku portion of the game comes with 500 puzzles, ranging in difficulty from very easy to very hard. A “How To” section introduces players to the basics of the game as well as to some handy solving tricks. The “Practice” mode allows you to put these tricks into application before moving on to the “Play” section. Read More…

Tetris Party Review

Tetris Party ReviewA host of all-new modes and features are packed into the first Tetris game to appear on Wii, including support for the Wii Balance Board.  Add to that a budget price, core gameplay refinements, smooth online play and leaderboards and Tetris Party becomes one of the best games to ever be released in the series.

Tetris has seen countless releases and iterations spread amongst just about every platform to exist since its inception in 1985. Hudson Soft. (Bomberman) has taken the best gameplay elements from all of those games and omitted the much maligned “infinite spin” with permission from The Tetris Company. What is left is one of the tightest feeling Tetris games to date. Read More...