Enabling Devices Makes Guitar Hero More Accessible

Adapted Guitar Hero ControllerIn time for the release of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock in late September 2010, individuals living with a physical disability can now play along more easily thanks to Enabling Devices' recently released adapted Guitar Hero controller. 

The controller takes the form of a tabletop control centre which allows users to play the game’s five coloured buttons in sync with the musical notes. The buttons are large and easy to press, either with a finger or using a mouth stick. The company also points out that the game’s easy beginner level allows users to hit any coloured button, going to the beat of the music without having to follow a specific pattern. Read More...

7-128 Software Upgrades the Accessibility of its Library

7-128 Software LogoThe folks at 7-128 Software in Massachusetts have released free upgrades to 25 titles in their already visually impaired-accessible library. The team has improved audio control interfaces and added SAPI voice functionality to their line of products.

SAPI stands for Speech Application Program Interface and all versions of Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 come with at least one SAPI voice. These voices, which are generally used to read on-screen text, are commonly utilized by visually impaired or blind users. Read More...

FWD News: Accessibility Through Hands-Free Gaming

A User Controlling Eye MarioWaterloo Labs, a group of young engineers from Texas, has developed the Eye Mario system which lets users control Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) software using only eye movements. The technology, which can be reproduced by following instructions on the team's website, reads player’s eye position using a technique known as electrooculography (EOG).

At the basis of EOG is the fact that your eyes are polarized. Changing eye position will also modify the electric field surrounding them, which can be interpreted by captors and translated into basic computer signals. Read More...