Games in the Office Are No Waste of Time

Office Workers Enjoying a GameCertain employers are turning to video game as an incentive to increase their workers productivity and to improve morale. There are different methods used, depending on companies, but the results remain the same, happier employees and more work accomplished.

One example is Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield in Portland, Oregon, where IT staff get rewarded for their work by earning tokens, which can be spent on video gaming time.

At some companies, such as the Computing Technology Industry Association, playing games is a key element of their corporate culture, and involves most of the employees. Todd Thibodeaux, the association’s president and CEO says that his workers frequently help Tiger Woods play a few rounds of golf on Wii, or have a rapid round of Forza 2 on the Xbox 360 or Super Stardust HD on the PS3. Read More...

Gamification Brings Play to the Everyday

The Gamification Summit LogoGaming outside of the traditional confines of entertainment is growing in acceptance and, as we’ve reported on Game Forward, is regularly breaking into new areas. Whether you are talking about serious games or the newer concept of “gamification,” integrating games into every day life can lead to a major boost in user engagement and interest.

The new concept was the subject of the first-ever Gamification Summit, held in San Francisco from January 20-21, 2011, and is fast becoming a new must in marketing. The Summit introduced a sold-out crowd to how “game mechanics and the new science of engagement are rewriting the rules of brand marketing, product design and customer acquisition.” Read More...