Virtual and Augmented Reality

Business Leaders Get Their Game On to Improve Skills

BTS Global Tournament LogoBusiness managers from across the world have been taking part in a new training and skill-honing solution. Known as BTS Tournaments, these serious gaming competitions have companies facing off against each other in small teams of business managers, simulating the operation a multinational company over four fiscal years.

Based on the concept of virtual simulation, the competition was developed by Swedish compamy BTS and their subsidiary, Finland-based Business Game Factory. It was previously mostly attended by European companies, but American business managers will soon have the chance to take part in the competition. The American segment of the competition is scheduled to start in April 2009. Read More...

Virtual Finance Teaches Real Financial Skills in Second Life

A View of Credit Union Island in Second LifeOhio University has launched Virtual Finance, a game set on Credit Union Island in the virtual world of Second Life. Created with teenagers in mind, the game guides players through real-life financial decisions like taking out a college loan, making car payments and buying a home.

With many high school students having little to no financial education, the island plans to become a new vehicle for awareness to help teens better understand important financial decisions. The game which is currently accessible to any users of the teen grid in Second Life, bids on attracting students with its appealing, Web-based environment. It also hopes to prove the effectiveness of immersive technology in education. Read More...