Serious Games

Source Game Engine Used in Fire Drill Simulator

Fire Evacuation SimulatorWhile people have been modding games for over a decade, researchers at Durham University have taken it one step further. By modifying the Source Engine, the one behind Valve's award-winning Half-Life 2, they have created a sophisticated fire evacuation simulator.

Conducting fire drills in buildings under realistic fire conditions can be difficult. Typical fire drills don't contain variables such as corridors filled with smoke, fires in unexpected places or blocked fire exits that require on-the-spot decisions from evacuees. Performing fire drills in virtual buildings is one alternative. Read More...

Triage Trainer Game Developed for Emergency Responders

Triage Trainer ScreenCreated by TruSim, a serious game developer from the UK, Triage Trainer is a prototype designed to train first responders on how to prioritize medical care during a major catastrophe. The idea for the game came in 2006 as a research project commissioned by the UK's Ministry of Defence to train field-hospital personnel in conflict zones. Developed first for the PC, the game would be easily adaptable to other consoles.

Triage Trainer takes players to a city ravaged by a bomb blast. First taking a look around the scene, players will need to identify who needs urgent attention. The game generates random victims dispersed across the landscape, suffering various injuries: exposed organs and bones, profuse nosebleeds, someone lying face up with no external injuries or deceased individuals. Read More...