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Nintendo 3DS Detailed

Nintendo 3DS LogoNintendo President Satoru Iwata used his company’s E3 2010 media briefing as an opportunity to showcase the successor to the widely-popular Nintendo DS family; a next-generation handheld that promises 3D gaming without the need for expensive hardware or the use of special glasses.

Though the Nintendo 3DS hardware shown looks familiar, the slim device will unsurprisingly house a host of improvements. The 3D-capable top screen will be a 3.53” widescreen display that will run at a resolution of 800 x 240, with 400 horizontal pixels being dedicated to each eye during 3D viewing. Read More...

FWD News: Defense Sector Targets Video Games

GameTech Conference LogoThe place of video games in the defense sector has been growing steadily as technology has become more advanced and realistic. Promoting the use of gaming resources within the US Department of Defense was the focus of GameTech 2010, a conference exploring games that enhance warfighter training.

The conference was organized by Team Orlando, a collaborative military alliance that supports the development of training systems for all branches of the armed forces, the US Department of Defense, and other government agencies. Read More...

FWD News: Eyes and Skin Become Innovative Controllers

Eye Pong in ActionTwo new research projects are looking to improve accessibility by using the human body as a source of input. Skinput, a concept developed in partnership by Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute, uses sensors to “listen to” and interpret vibrations when a user taps his or her arm.

The technology can be used alone, or combined with a small projector which lets users visualize the tappable areas of their arm which act as buttons. Recording these unique vibrations, which differ along the arm due to variations in bone and muscle mass, the system can determine which spot is touched and performs an associated computer function in real-time. Read More...

Nintendo Announces 3D Handheld

An Image of the Virtual BoyNintendo has announced a new handheld device, a 3D successor to the DS currently called the Nintendo 3DS. The portable gaming console is scheduled for release sometime before March 2011 and will not require users to wear any special eyewear.

Nintendo also revealed in a statement that the new "3DS" will be backwards compatible with DS and DSi games, however there was no specific mention of DSiWare compatibility. More details will be made public during at the 2010 E3 Expo, taking place from June 15-17.

Some will remember Nintendo’s previous and fruitless attempt at marketing 3D games. In 1995, they released the Virtual Boy—a table-top console which created a stereoscopic 3D effect through monochromatic screens mounted binocular-style. Read More...