The FWD Download Vol. 1: Retro Remake Roundup

WiiWare LogoLike many gamers in their late 20s or early 30s, I am a sucker for nostalgia. So much so that I jump at the chance to purchase just about every remake, reiteration or re-imagining of franchises I played as a child growing up in the 1980s. Xbox LIVE Arcade is generally considered the home of such remakes, but recently they have made their way to WiiWare as well.

I decided to briefly review and compare three recent retrofits that are available on the Nintendo download platform; Adventure Island: The Beginning, Bubble Bobble Plus! and Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure!. All three of these franchises are generally fondly remembered by gamers of a certain age and none of these updates are flat-out bad enough to sour my childhood memories, but of course, some do fare better than others. Read More…

Educational Games Empower Students

Genomics Digital Lab from Spongelab InteractiveAs schools search for ways to strengthen their student’s knowledge, they can no longer deny that video games can convey all kinds of information in an attractive and inspiring format to children, teens and adults alike. These innovative tools are bound to become a staple of our education systems as we move forward.

An example of this undeniable paradigm shift is the recent unanimous approval by the California State Senate of a proposal making it easier for high schools to use electronic instructional material. This measure opens the door for more electronic learning tools in the classroom, such as educational games. Read More...

Getting to Know 7-128 Software

7-128 Software LogoA small group of long-time friends is quietly producing some of the most accessible video games in their four-family home in Salem, MA. 7-128 Software was itself born from a game; a Dungeons & Dragons session that was created over two decades ago helped to forge a tight-knit group that is serving an often neglected corner of the video game world.

Through the regular D & D meetings, the group began to discover that the co-operation and innovation required to play the classic pen and paper role-playing game would lend itself well to designing games of their own. The eclectic group of artists, engineers, professionals and educators eventually ended up owning a home together and their name was born from who they were; Seven people living and working inside the traditionally high-tech area of Route 128 near Boston, MA. Read More...