If You Rebuild It...

The Able Gamer LogoLast week was a rough one for me. I had some really bad spasms on a few days and stomach issues on the others, so I wasn’t able to get a lot posted or find too much to assign my intrepid reporter and partner Nathalie.

To top it off, I awoke Friday morning to find my main PC dead. At first I thought that my trusty desktop stopped recognizing the hard drives in it, but I managed to get that taken care of. I tried repairing Windows,but ended up with mislabeled drives and a host of other issues. However, I did see that all of my old data was intact at least. Read More...

Site Updates - 06/26/2008

The Able Gamer LogoNot a ton to report here, just a few things I should have added a while ago. As you can probably see, I added a popular articles menu to the left. I also got an RSS feed up and running and added a new Google AdSense banner. Feel free to click on it, heh.

Gaming wise, I'm playing through Wall-E on the Xbox 360. It's pretty fun and I should have a review up by next Monday. Also on the 360, I'm writing up a review for Sea Life Safari, that one should be up by tomorrow afternoon. I'm also writing up my Wii Fit pseudo review as well as my first "out of the box" experiment with it.

Nathalie is rocking Guitar Hero: On Tour on the DS. I'm impressed that they got it running as well as they did, but I have a very hard time playing it because of my left hand. She's also going to run through The Political Machine 2008 for PC.

My non-work play is pretty much dominated by Metal Gear Solid 4 these days. What an amazing game! I also started into Lost Odyssey because it's been a while since I played an RPG besides Persona 3, which I will probably still be playing at Christmas.

We Survived Our First Traffic Spike

The Able GamerA few days ago, Nathalie was profiled as a citizen journalist over at Digital Journal and we saw a modest (and quite frankly comfortable) spike in traffic.

Last night around midnight, I posted a trailer for the PlayStation 3 game Afrika that I found on the Japanese PlayStation Store while waiting for our North American store to update.

The trailer alone has seen well over 11000 hits in the last 10 hours. It's pushed out more than 150 GB in traffic, and I saw almost 2000 people bookmark us. We managed to survive getting posted at Kotaku, the GameSpot forums, the Penny Arcade forums and even over at the official PlayStation Forums.

Part of me is happy to see the site get so much exposure. The rest of me is happy the site's still up. I'll definitely be renewing my contract with Host Gator next year.